What started as a fun baking project with my 3-year old daughter, turned into a 2 year epicurean adventure of epic proportions

{Quick diversion... stay with me!  I need to explain my background in order to give you the full picture.  I’ll try to be brief-ish.}

My husband always laughs at me when I say “I grew up in a food family”.  I don't know why it sounds so funny to him, but it couldn’t sound more natural to me!  I grew up in Toronto, where my father was the food critic for Canada's largest newspaper and then went on to create the first premium private label food brand in North America in addition to about 10,000+ other food products for similar companies in the US. My mom edited cookbooks and food magazines by day and then came home every night and cooked restaurant-quality meals for our family. I grew up in a family that was on a constant quest to source the BEST... the best restaurant, the best food product, the best packaging, etc.  There was always one elusive product or restaurant that stood out beyond the rest and our family would work hard to find it and then celebrate it’s best-ness!

{Now back to your regularly scheduled programming!}

A few years ago, in search of a fun holiday baking project with my kiddos, I strayed from my go-to cookie recipe (the chocolate chip cookies from my dad’s own cookbook) in favor of something a little less ‘predictable’. I became what some might call obsessed, and unaware of my behaviour I started spending all of my spare time in the following months searching for the most flavorful and moist coconut, the most luscious and complimentary chocolate, the most precise baking temperatures… all in the hopes of truly making the BEST macaroon I could possibly create.  My little girls didn't get to lick any wooden spoons covered in cookie dough that first day as I steamrolled their participation after approximately minute two…  Mom points: 0.  Cookie integrity points: 10!

The reaction to my ever-evolving cookie was unbelievable.  People kept exclaiming "Quit your day job!" and begged me for more cookies at every turn. Speaking of my day job; I am a graphic designer.  I have a small graphic design studio that specializes in (you guessed it!) creating really outstanding packaging & design-work for food companies big and small.

So ‘quitting my day job’ didn’t actually sound that appealing.  I truly love what I do.  But bringing my new cookie into the fold of my design business seemed like it might be a winning combo.  After launching so many food startups in my career, why not do this for myself?  I’d need a name, some killer packaging and someone to help me fine-tune my cookie recipe at a commercial level and source the B E S T vendors and suppliers available.  Sounds like the perfect time to call dear ol’ dad!

In a (coco)nutshell, I've spent the better part of two years bringing this product to market with a team of cheerleaders & professional mentors who I am lucky enough to call family. I have worked so diligently and passionately to make a cookie with integrity.  A cookie that is free of garbagey junk ingredients, that tastes incredible, that is packaged beautifully and that allows the gluten-free peeps to enjoy something that doesn't taste like shredded cardboard!  Something you might (read: hopefully) call the BEST you've ever had.

I hope you will EAT ROONS soon, and enjoy them as much as I have truly enjoyed baking them for you.

Jenn White Topliff