"I'm so addicted to these I've started crumbling the top half of my Roons on my oatmeal every morning!"


Menlo Park, CA

"They are a HIT! What an incredible reaction to the Roons we served—Everyone loved them.

People kept coming up to us and saying things like 'Best I ever had' and 'small morsels of heavenly goodness'. Several guests were caught shoving Roons into their pockets and purses, to take back with them!"



"I'm a Celiac. These are quite simply the very best macaroons I've ever ever had!"


St. Helena, CA

"My husband is gluten-free and trying to find him desserts that don't taste like cardboard, and that aren't mind-blowingly expensive, is next to impossible!

Your Roons are incredible and don't break the bank... we are so grateful that you brought these beauties to market!"


Ross, CA

"Here's the thing… I don't even LIKE coconut. In fact, I strongly DISLIKE coconut. And yet, I can't stop eating your Roons. I'm obsessed! They are crazy addictive…"


San Mateo, CA

"I got enough Roons to last our family a week, but they were all gone in the first hour!"


Los Altos, CA

"I've learned my lesson and don't leave any Roons out on the kitchen counter anymore. When I would go to the kitchen to get myself a cookie, they would always be all gone.

So now I hide my Roons in secret spaces around the kitchen so the kids can't get to them first!"


San Francisco, CA

"My daughter has never been a ‘sweets person’. She's all grown up now, but from the time she was a little girl she would be the one family member to shy away from any sugary treats.

She was home this past weekend and I'm not kidding you when I tell you that she must have eaten at least 50 Roons! We finally, after 28 years, now have a treat that the whole family can ALL agree on. Cookie lovers and cookie haters UNITE over Roons."


Redwood City, CA