Whether you clicked on that link because you are pretty sure you don't like coconut or you are worried that someone you are planning to give 'Roons to might not like coconut, here is my open letter to you/them:

Dear You,

Coconut. Coconut? I sense your smile slowly turning upside down... your mind is starting to swirl, and an excuse is forming on the edge of your lips!

YOU: "I don't li... "

ME: "Let me stop you right there."

I'm cool with the fact that you aren't likely to click "like" on Coconut's Facebook page anytime soon. And you'd rather have a daiquiri than a Pina Colada. And you'll pass over an Almond Joy or Mounds for a Snickers ANY day of the week. I get it. I do. But something brought you here...and you ARE still reading this...

I'm going to go out on a limb and make the wild sweeping generalization that you just THINK you don't like coconut. Maybe some previously ingested (highly processed) macaroons have spoiled you on this tropical fruit. Maybe you had one too many umbrella drinks in your youth. Maybe, just maybe, someone made you eat a German chocolate cake that was underwhelming. I don't know. But what I do know for certain, with every fiber of my being, is that I have never met one person who says they don't like coconut and who did not love ’Roons.

It's true! I mean, I make a lot of stuff up, but not this. In 131% of my many many test cases, after leaving my coconut-disliking customers with 'Roons samples, I would get a call a day or two later, with a desperate voice at the end of the line asking when they might be able to have another cookie, as they have just eaten the last one I gave them!

I urge you to rethink your taste memory and convince yourself that what you think you think of coconut doesn't apply to this morsel of heavenly goodness. Every bite is scrumptious, with honest flavors and the most incredible chocolate available in the galaxy. Just trust me! Eat your 'Roons alone or pair them with a cup of coffee, glass of milk or a flute of bubbles! Whatever you do, these cookies will make you smile - and change your mind about the coco-nut!

Jenn White Topliff

p.s. Nut allergies? No problem, the coconut is a fruit!